Update Preferences

You can use this interface to choose when and how the system updates your server. For more information, read our documentation about release tiers and updates.

About Development Releases: Odd-numbered builds are development builds. Don’t install them in a production environment. They change often and we may not have fully tested or documented them yet.

cPanel & WHM Updates

Update Delivery Network:
Installed Version:
Current Tier:

Release Tier

Select the release tier to use for updating cPanel & WHM. You can’t downgrade or select tiers that are older than the currently-installed version.

Tier Currently Description
A well-tested and proven version that cPanel, L.L.C. supports for one full year.
A version that is feature-complete, fully tested, and is in widespread use.
A version that is feature-complete and well tested.
A “release candidate” version that is tested but may not be feature-complete.
A development version for testing only and not for production servers.

Daily Updates

Staging Directory

The staging directory stores update data before the system applies it. Make sure to select a directory with enough disk space.

Enter a directory path or select a partition. This value defaults to the /usr/local/cpanel directory.

If you choose a custom location, the system stages updates in a “.cpanel__trycpanel_cpanel_net__upcp_staging” subdirectory within your specified directory.
Staging Directory Mount Point Size Used Available Percent Used Device
/usr/local/cpanel / 49.99 GB 6.92 GB 43.07 GB 14% /

Operating System Packages

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