Manage AutoSSL

The AutoSSL feature provides free SSL certificates for your users’ domains. The system will periodically inspect users’ installed certificates and replace those that are about to expire or that are insufficient to provide a baseline level of security.

Users who do not have the “autossl” feature will not receive the free certificates.

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This system’s next regular AutoSSL check will occur at 10:45 AM.

AutoSSL Providers

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This interface uses the following parameters to calculate the usability score: DCV Methods, Domains per Certificate, Average Delivery Time, Maximum Number of Redirects, and Rate Limit. Click here to view details.

AutoSSL Options

User Notifications

Administrator Notifications

This option will allow AutoSSL to replace certificates that the AutoSSL system did not issue. When you enable this option, AutoSSL will install certificates that replace users’ CA-issued certificates if they are invalid or expire within 3 days.

Unless you fully understand this option, do not select it, because the system could unexpectedly replace an expiring or invalid EV or OV certificate with a DV certificate.

AutoSSL Logs

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Configure AutoSSL for Users on the Server

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