Feature Manager

This interface allows you to enable and disable features and cPAddons in each user’s cPanel. To assign a feature list to a package, use the Edit a Package interface. For more information, read the documentation.

  • — The system grants cPanel users access to these features by default. If you disable a feature from this list, the system will disable it in every user’s cPanel that uses that list.
  • — cPanel users cannot access these features, and other lists cannot grant access to them.
  • — For cPanel users that can only access mail-related features, such as Email Archiving or SpamAssassin.

To create a feature list for a specific reseller account, you must prefix the list name with the reseller username and an underscore.

Add a new feature list

  • Feature list name cannot end with .cpaddons
  • Feature list name is required.

Manage feature list